Jackson Police warn about scam involving Telemarketers Seeking Donations for “Police & Troopers”

Jan. 31, 2018 – Jackson, WI –  Callers seeking donations to the Americans for Police & Trooper Safety are targeting residents throughout the county.

The treasurer, David Dierks, is also associated with StandWithPolice.org, Cops and Kids Together, and Police Lives Matter.

Dierks previously ran the Police Protective Fund, based in Texas, which was the subject of investigations by the IRS, FTC, and the attorneys general of Illinois and Missouri. These agencies estimated that Dierks kept 87-90% of the money that had been donated.

Americans for Police & Trooper Safety is not a charitable organization. It’s registered with the Federal Elections Commission as a “non-connected political action committee”, but there’s no record that it employs any registered lobbyists to advance its agenda.

Residents should carefully consider whether a donation is appropriate. Hang up if the caller pressures you for an immediate donation. Legitimate charities will give you time to research, and will agree to send an invoice instead of demanding payment on the phone.


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