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Letter to the Editor | Vote Jody Geenen West Bend School Board | By Jody Geenen

February 27, 2021 – West Bend, WI – I am the only candidate challenging the two incumbents for the WBSD school board. While I commend the current board for implementing a curriculum committee this past year, I also have suggestions on how to make it function better.

For starters, the entire school board should familiarize themselves with the proposed curriculum.  Why not notify the community about public reviews of proposed curriculum in a manner and timeliness that catches attention and gives an opportunity for schedules to be arranged?

How about offering after-hours viewing options for community members who work from 8am-4pm M-F? After all, the school board represents all stakeholders including students, parents/guardians, teachers/staff, businesses, vendors, and taxpayers.

Wouldn’t it be prudent to obtain feedback from as many points of view and expertise as possible before we spend tens of thousands of dollars on a curriculum that will be used for years?

In case you are wondering why anyone would want to reserve time to review curriculum, it’s no longer about getting a classical education. The new curriculum is loaded with one-sided propaganda without including any citations that can be fact-checked.

The proposed and school-board-approved biology curriculum last year taught evolution as settled science instead of one of several theories that it is.

The proposed 6th grade National Geographic Global Issues curriculum is a series of 12 units with a running one-sided theme that climate change is man-made, it is causing the world to end, and everything should be handled accordingly if we wish to survive.

As the late, great Rush Limbaugh warned, if you want to fix our country, start at the schools where the students are being indoctrinated. This is just one of the issues that motivates me to run for the WBSD school board. Vote ONLY for Jody Geenen on or before April 6!


Jody Geenen

West Bend, WI


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