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Kentucky Fried Chicken in West Bend temporarily closed

June 7, 2021 – West Bend, Wi – Kentucky Fried Chicken on Highway 33 in West Bend is temporarily closed.

KFC Kentucky

A note on the door said it is closed for maintenance. There is no timeline on when the local franchise will reopen.


Eaton's Pizza June BLT


  1. 330 pm today sat oct 23,2021 , one by one today cars pulled up to place order in drive thru, there was no notation on order screen that they were closed, each car would wait their turn , when no one came over speaker , each car would pull around to window and then wait for someone yo help . The sun was so bright it lit the place up so you could not tell if anyone was in there working, until no one came ….. And it would happen to next car, at all times there would be 3-5 cars always drive in and wait!!! This went on,and on,and on !!! WTF……put up a sign on the drive up order screen !!! They deserve to go out of business !!?

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