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Kewaskum Police Officer “kicks it around” with local kids | by Kewaskum Police Department

Photo credit: Megan Grisolono

July 11, 2019 – Kewaskum, WI – Earlier this week it appears Kewaskum Police Department (KPD) Officer Steven Rosales was spotted playing a game of kickball with some great local kids. In full uniform, Rosales took a moment to engage the youth in a positive manner.

According to Chief Tom Bishop via the KPD Facebook page, “Officer Rosales stopped and played kickball at the park a few days ago with some kids who were there. At the Kewaskum Police Department, we encourage our officers to get involved in our community and build positive relationships such as Officer Rosales did here.”

Rosales was sworn in to the Kewaskum Police Department on June 5, 2017.


  1. If ppl wernt so judgemental & take the side of a co-worker over anyone else maybe things like Rosales recently being arrested wouldn’t have happened! My daughter& I saw his true colors long b4 his recent arrest but sadly why waste our time reporting it i guarantee nothing would have become of it & unfortunately we had no proof of what he did 2 my daughter. He’s been corrupt for awhile now & it makes me sooo happy 2 see he finally has consequences!!!!! KARMA

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