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Kwik Trip No. 5 in West Bend to be taken up by Plan Commission on Tuesday, January 7

January 4, 2020 – West Bend, WI – The agenda for the January 7, 2020 West Bend Plan Commission has been posted and a majority of the meeting will be dedicated to a public hearing for a new Kwik Trip on W. Washington Street.

The Tuesday meeting in the council chambers at City Hall is open to the public. The meeting begins at 6 p.m. and starts with a zoning amendment for approximately 24.5 acres of land located at 4450 Hron Road.

At 6:01 p.m. a public hearing is scheduled for the conditional use permit; it’s the first in a series of items about Kwik Trip.

  1. CU-19-008 public hearing for a request for a conditional use permit to allow a gas station use at 1613 and 1637 W. Washington Street, by Leah Berlin Kwik Trip Inc.

Kwik Trip

Kwik Trip


According to Jim Reinke the West Bend Business and Development Planner:

Kwik Trip Inc., has submitted a request for a conditional use permit for a gasoline station and a site plan for the redevelopment of 1613 and 1637 W. Washington Street.

Section 17.25 (3)(d) of the zoning code requires a conditional use permit for a gasoline service station use in a B-1 Community Business District. An operation letter has been provided by the owner and includes the following: 1. The convenience store and attached car wash will be approximately 9,000 sq. ft. with an attached 2,100 sq. ft. car wash. 2. Twenty (20) fueling stations on a 10 pump islands are being provided on the site. 3. The hours of operations will be 24 hours a day seven days a week. 4. Fuel deliveries are on an as-needed basis and it is anticipated that at least two deliveries will be needed per week. 5. Four new fuel tanks will be installed at the northeast corner of site. These tanks will be double walled and monitored 24 hours on-site and remotely.

Given the site location, and surrounding uses, staff finds the gas station use with the convenience store could be an acceptable use for redevelopment of the site.

All owners of property within 200’ of the conditional use area have been notified of the public hearing and as of this date the Department of Development have received several comments and concerns regarding site lighting, canopy lights, noise of the car wash, and traffic generated by the development.

Staff would recommend approval of the conditional use permit with the following conditions: 1. Approval of a site plan for all required improvements prior to the issuance of the conditional use permit. 2. Approval of a traffic impact analysis. 3. Approval of a Storm Water Management Permit.

4. Approval of a certified survey map combining the two lots. 5. The use of exterior speaker on the site and at the pumps must be turned off from 10:00 pm to 6:00 am. due to the proximity of the residential uses to the south. 6. All site lighting shall have cutoff fixtures and the red led canopy light strips be eliminated on the south and east sides so they are not visible to the residential uses to the south. 7. Provision of sufficient screening to shield the adjoining residential uses from light and noise generated by the 24 hour fueling activity.

The certified survey map (CSM) is located at the southeast corner of W. Washington Street and N. 18th Avenue. The purpose of the CSM is to create two commercial lots for the redevelopment of the property.

The 7.19 acre parcel is zoned B-1 Community Business District. Lot 1 is 4 acres and lot 2 is 3.19 acres. Kwik Trip is proposing to redevelop Lot 2 for a new gas station and convenience store. The new lot configurations conform to the zoning requirements. Lot 1 has direct access to W. Washington Street and N. 18th Avenue. Lot 2 has direct access to W. Washington Street. A shared driveway at the east end of Lot 2 exists and is proposed to be reconfigured. Shared access is also proposed on W. Washington Street and N. 18th Avenue as identified on the proposed site plan. The CSM identifies various utility easements, access easement, street easement and existing buildings. The CSM also provides right of way dedication for W. Washington Street and the northwest corner of Lot 1.

Technical corrections to the CSM are needed prior to recording the CSM

Typically, the coordination of grading, storm water management and shared access is required to be determined prior to approval of a land division for a development site. No such information was provided for the two lots proposed.

If the Plan Commission finds the CSM to be appropriate, staff would recommend the approval of the CSM be with the following conditions: 1. Revision of the CSM to address technical corrections prior to recording. 2. Approval of a storm water management plan for all lots within the certified survey map prior to recording the certified survey map. 3. Shared access easements will need to be created by separate document and need to be shown on the CSM. 4. All existing buildings, canopies and signs must be removed from the site within 12 months of recording the CSM.

West Bend Plan Commission on Kwik Trip agenda

Kwik Trip sign


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