Learn how to prevent drownings | Brought to you by the Association of Aquatic Professionals


May 27, 2018 – Washington Co., WI – With the number of drownings that occur each year, the Association of Aquatic Professionals wants to help you learn how to RESPECT the Water.

The Association of Aquatic Professionals is committed to helping prevent drownings nationwide.

We believe with a little education and training, learning to RESPECT the water and prevent
drowning tragedies is within our reach.

Our approach is as simple as RESPECT

Recognize – recognize the signs of non-swimmers, tired swimmers, distressed swimmers and potentially unsafe situations

Education – learn what factors can lead to drowning

Supervision – direct, constant supervision is key

Physical barriers – provide fencing, safety covers, alarms and life jackets

Expectations – understand what to expect from the aquatic environment and the body’s response, know your limits.

Communicate – warn and inform, communicate the dangers that are present in, on and around the water

Training – learn to swim and how to respond to an emergency




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