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LeRoy Butler makes baby cry in West Bend

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Former Green Bay Packer LeRoy Butler visited West Bend on Wednesday and he made babies cry. Butler made a guest appearance at Pick N’ Save south for about an hour – he signed autographs and he signed babies.

“He’s one of the famous Packers and he’s going to be 49 on the 19th of July,” said Brenda Cook about Butler.

“That’s 47,” chimed in Butler as he used a silver grease pen to autograph a football. “Get it right – right?” he said.

Cook was holding her baby boy, John Jr.  Butler had just finished penning his name on junior’s yellow jersey. That last part didn’t go over too well.

Butler stood behind a table that was placed in front of piles of sidewalk salt. There were a couple of helium football balloons and lots of green-and-gold items with No. 36. “Take this one – it’s from my rookie year,” said Butler as he helped a fan find a card he could autograph.


Very genuine and engaging, Butler spent about 5 to 10 minutes with everyone talking about how old they were when he played and who they liked on the team now.

Butler, who lives in Oak Creek, had just come from a pair of speaking engagements at schools in Racine.



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