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Letter to the Editor | Representing the Entire Community | By Sarah Larson

March 25, 2024 – Germantown, Wi – To the Editor: The duty of elected officials is to represent the whole community, not just those with whom they agree.   Dr. Fred Fleitz running for Germantown School board Seat 7 appears to not hold this belief.

Letter to the Editor

Before campaigning was even underway, Fleitz made the decision to block community members with having had no personal interactions with them.  Community members (myself included) determined we were blocked when we attempted to find his Facebook campaign page to learn more about him.  The common denominator to those blocked appears to citizens that either spoke at a school board meeting or posted on the Germantown Parents for Public Education page with thoughts different than those held by Dr Fleitz and progressive group, Grassroots Germantown–rebranded to Germantown Parents for Public Education prior to election season.

The night of the Chamber Forum a citizen asked Fleitz why she and others were blocked, to which he responded, “I’ll have to talk to the person who, that is administrating that. “ So you’re not in charge of your own page?   “I have access to it but I don’t access it on a daily basis.”   Do you find it disturbing that people are blocked?  “Well.. I know there are certain people who spew venom on there as trolls, I’m not saying you are one.”

This is extremely troubling on several fronts.  If he can’t engage others’ ideas/opinions, choosing to slap a label of misinformation on dissents or labeling dissenters as trolls, then how can he genuinely advocate for diversity of ideas, researching, and development of critical thinking skills in our students?  Further if he doesn’t know or control what is happening on his campaign page, who then will be doing the heavy lifting for him as a board member?

I am voting to retain Tom Barney for Seat 7.  Beyond board service, Tom is involved in Scouting, Kiwanis, and a graduate/supporter of Leadership Germantown.  I served with Tom and can guarantee he doesn’t shy away from diversity of ideas and opinions nor difficult conversations.  Please join me in voting for Tom on April 2!

Sarah Larson



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