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Letter to the Editor | Kids and police need to be back in school | By Jody Geenen


July 7, 2020 – West Bend, WI – As a past school board candidate for West Bend, there are several things happening in schools for which I would like to speak.  Let us start with BLM demands to oust police presence. Just a few years ago, after high-profile school shootings, there was a huge push demanding more spending to ensure we had officers to protect our kids. Is America out of its mind? Isn’t this subject deserving of more serious thought than whims?

Second, let us talk about mandatory masking. If you like them, wear them. Nevertheless, an abundance of sources show masks can be harmful. Constant wearing of masks can affect the immune system and inhibit proper breathing, which does not take a genius to know that is going to have bad consequences. It will also make teaching more difficult as teachers will have to deal with all the nuances of masks, like kids not wearing them properly or trading them with other kids.


I have room for one more warning. Say no to any back-to-school scenario that includes virtual schooling. Students belong in school. That is where teachers teach best and students learn best; in-person with real human interaction. To top it off, parents/guardians need a schedule that will let them return to the real working world.

Our economy needs to return. If we do not get people back to work, if we do not let businesses resume to normal, there will not be enough tax money to fund schools. We are already facing drastic cuts to the budgets. For those who prefer virtual school, it already exists as an option; we do not need to force it on parents who do not want it.


Jody Geenen

West Bend


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  1. In response to the letter from Jody Geenen;
    When you state that wearing a mask is harmful as shown by an abundance of
    evidence, please state your sources. The scientific community is recommending masks . Drs. & nurses and healthcare workers wear masks
    day in and day out and would tell you that it is not a harmful practice. I don’t understand why people are trying to deny the science behind this pandemic and it’s spread. Educate yourself on the facts and stop trying to scare people by loosely making statements without factual basis.

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