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Letter to the Editor | What is the next step for Samaritan? | By Lois Krueger-Gundrum, Washington County Supervisor – District 15

February 24, 2024 – Washington Co.  WI – I fully support keeping a county nursing facility.  This assures that Washington County’s residents who are not financially able to afford the costs of private facilities have an option near their home and loved ones.

Letter to the Editor

After 10 months of negotiations with Trilogy, they literally backed out within days after a final agreement.

These are the options.  

Find another buyer
Renovate the current facility
Build new

My opinion is to build new rather than spend untold sums renovating a building that is outdated and may have hidden costs
.  Seeking a new buyer does not protect those who are in financial need.  

The county hired an accounting firm that is expert in finances of longterm care facilities.  Their analysis show that a new build would have the benefits of a first-class facility equal to what Trilogy offered and at a minimal cost to taxpayers.

The reimbursement from the state has once again increased in the latest state budget, which would only make the finances better.

Our county executive stated in our Feb 21, 2024 meeting that he would spend millions of dollars to do the right thing for our Samaritan residents.

Although many Wisconsin counties are choosing to close their operations, Washington County does not have the same financial situation.

Under the directions of Ed Sommers, prior to his move to Dodge County Clearview Administration, he added independent care facilities to offset any losses from a single nursing facility.  His guidance and vision made the Samaritan a financial success.  That successful model is still in place.

The original task force, several years ago recommended that since caring for our elderly population is a moral obligation, the county should invest $500,000 annually.  

The right thing is a new build county facility that offers first-class care for those who cannot afford the cost of private nursing care.

Lois Krueger-Gundrum, Washington County Supervisor – District 15


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  1. Hey Judy

    How long has Samaritan been in west bend.

    I know they added on years past

    Is it in extreme dire conditions to have to be demolished?

    Do you have a picture of the county executive.

    I don’t believe I have ever seen him.

    Is he not supposed to be concern for all residents of Washington county.

    How long has he been n this position.

    Have a good weekend


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