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Lucy Carter turns 96 today and shares the secret to a long life

September 15, 2023 – West Bend, WI – “I never believed I’d get that old,” said Lucy (Waldkirch) Carter, who does not wish for anything more than birthday accolades today.
Lucy and husband, Norbert, Carter

Carter was born in 1927 to Leo and Lucy Waldkirch in what was known at that time as a maternity home on Washington Avenue and Indiana Avenue in West Bend, WI.

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Carter said, “I lived on Highway M all my life, built a house, and I’m still in it 68 years later.”

Norbert Carter and Lucy Waldkirch met at the Newburg Picnic. Lucy was married to Norbert on August 28, 1948. Norbert Carter was 20 years old, and they were married for only a couple of years when he was drafted in 1951 into the Army. He entered service in 1952. Carter was discharged in 1953 as a staff sergeant, Section B, 2nd Division Combat Engineers. He is well-known in the local military circles.

Norbert and Lucy Carter wedding

The couple celebrated their 72nd wedding anniversary in 2020. Together they had eight children, four boys and four girls, and “some” grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The secret to a long life, according to Carter, “I think it’s a lot of hard work. Because, boy, I’ve worked in my days. I would say a lot of hard work because on a farm we worked picking stones for my uncle and my grandfather. And then we bought land from my parents and built a house, and I had kids and that was a job.

Norbert and Lucy Carter

“Both of my parents lived to 93. My mother spent 6-1/2 years in a nursing home,” she said.

Carter said, “I lived on Highway M all my life, built a house, and I’m still in it 68 years later.”

She has three sisters, Frances, Violet, and “Terri” as well as one brother who is deceased. Carter is a member of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in West Bend.

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