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Sharing a note of “Thanks” with Maddox, his mom and local hero David Gehrke

February 17, 2021 – West Bend, WI – It is a day that should be dubbed “David Gehrke Day” for the heroic actions by one part-time snowplow who helped save the life of a 5-year-old boy walking alone in freezing temperatures.

On Wednesday afternoon, under much better circumstances, Maddox and his mom, met the man who saved his life.

Maddox and mom

Photo courtesy David Gehrke

On Tuesday, a story was posted on WashingtonCountyInsider.com about snowplow driver David Gehrke and how he spotted a little boy walking in the cold at 4 a.m.

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Gehrke did not think twice; he pulled over, wrapped his jacket around the boy, got him into the warm cab of his vehicle and called police.

Gehrke’s actions drew rave reviews from the community who dubbed him a “hero” and the boy’s “guardian angel.”

David met with the mom and Maddox on Wednesday afternoon to exchange stories and a note of thanks.

Maddox’s mom Brittany posted a note on social media.
“First off I need to say how thankful I am that Maddox is safe and nothing horrible happened to him. This kid is my whole life and I don’t know what I would do if something bad happened to him.
And David Gehrke, I will FOREVER be grateful for you! There is no way I could ever repay you for what you did for Maddox and I. If it wasn’t for you finding Maddox at that exact moment, I don’t know what would have happened! And that’s hard to think about.
I am also extremely grateful for the police officers that assisted that night in keeping Maddox safe and getting him back home!!
Friday early morning Maddox woke up and thought he was home alone (he was not) and decided to try and walk to Grandpa Andy’s house. I was at work and my sister was at my house babysitting Maddox while he slept.
I left for work at 1am and got a call about 430am from the west bend police department that they were with Maddox. I was told he was found by David, a plow truck driver. Maddox was outside in his pajamas and Maddox told him he was just trying to get to his grandpas house. (It was below zero and snowing!)
I have never in my life felt so terrified. I could have lost my son that night had David not found him right away or not found him at all. Thank you David for being there at just the right time. You’re our guardian angel, that’s for sure.
Maddox did say he had a good time with you and the police he met that night. He wasn’t fazed by it at all but me on the other hand, still traumatized.
I can’t stop thinking about how bad things could have been or the what if’s. I keep beating myself up about it constantly. And seeing all the bad comments people are saying about me, hurts. I’m a good mom and I wish people wouldn’t be so quick to judge and talk crap online. I pray nothing like this ever happens to them. I do everything for Maddox and I work 3rd shift so I can be home with Maddox from when he wakes up and until he goes to bed.
So thank you, thank you and thank you to David and the officers! Ya’ll will forever be in my heart for being there for my son!!”
FB cover photo courtesy Hillary Mintz
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