Remodel underway at Main Street Mobil in West Bend

West Bend, WI – Demolition was quick on Monday at Main Street Mobil, 500 S. Main Street, in West Bend as the pumps have been removed along with the islands, canopy and that random long-necked parking lot light.

Main Street Mobil

Main Street Mobil

Owner Basu Joshi purchased the station at the end of October 2020. Not only is he upgrading the exterior of the corner gas station but also a major remodel of the interior as he will add a hot-food section, along with a walk-in beer cooler and more grocery items.

“I’ll also be adding four new pumps, a new canopy, and an LED street sign,” said Joshi.

Main Street Mobil

Joshi, 35, is from Nepal, speaks four languages and has been in the United States 14 years.  “My first gas station was at 91st and Brown Deer Road,” he said.  “My cousin and I were there together and then I bought two more gas stations in Green Bay.”

This is Joshi’s fourth gas station. “When I came here I had nothing, but I worked hard,” he said.

Mobil plans, Hoffert's

Mobil plans, Hoffert's

Questioned how he plans on competing with Kwik Trip and the like. “I like to give great customer service,” said Joshi. “If something happens, I am the first person standing there to help the community.”

The Columbian

Joshi said he will also be putting in a fax machine and he will be moving the restroom access indoors. He has already added a new coffee brand, Farmer Brothers Coffee, that will be sold at 99 cents a cup.

“Kwik Trip is a very good business but I’m a small guy and I think people will come out to support me,” he said.

Below are some photos when Art Hoffert owned the gas station and service station across the street.

Main Street Mobil, Hoffert's

Dairy Queen cake

Art Hoffert, gas station, Mobil, Spur

Amy Schmoldt Bell Bank

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