Modern Woodmen contributes more than $3.4 million in southeastern Wisconsin | By Daniel Frey


April 16, 2020 – Washington Co., WI – Modern Woodmen’s fraternal efforts have helped members and communities affected by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Modern Woodmen introduced a COVID-19 Relief Program which can offer much-needed support for those with financial, medical and other concerns related to COVID-19. The program provides member chapters and youth service clubs with funds to make a direct monetary donation to a local nonprofit or public organization. Up to $2.5 million is expected to be donated through this program.

“Supporting our community is at the heart of fraternalism”, says Daniel Frey II, Allenton Wisconsin, Modern Woodmen Managing Partner. “Our organization focuses on helping people obtain financial freedom, and then giving back to our community both financially and through volunteering.”

Modern Woodmen members in the area are part of 92 chapters, 12 Summit chapters (for members age 55 and over) and 23 youth service clubs. These membership groups participate in projects that support community needs. In 2019, local Modern Woodmen members spent a total of 20,363 hours volunteering in southeastern Wisconsin.

In 2019 neighbors in southeast Wisconsin received $3,423,276.20 in fraternal contributions from Modern Woodmen of America.

These dollars support social, educational, volunteer and fundraising activities in the region.

The contribution includes $2,858,806.08 raised by local Modern Woodmen chapters and youth service clubs partnering with community groups. Modern Woodmen’s home office matched up to $2,500 annually for each chapter and $500 for each youth club.







About Modern Woodmen:

Modern Woodmen was founded in 1883 as a fraternal benefit society. The organization supports members, families and communities with a unique blend of financial services, fraternal benefits and local-impact opportunities. In 2019, Modern Woodmen and its members provided $20.4 million and 464,000 volunteer hours to support fraternal activities and programs. Click HERE to learn more.

For more information, contact:

Daniel L Frey II, Managing Partner 262-338-1006

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