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VIDEO | Allen Moehr of West Bend, WI is following his passion for art

January 14, 2022 – West Bend, WI – Allen Moehr of West Bend has taken the leap and gone into business for himself. Moehr is following his passion for art and his work is starting to pop up across West Bend and Washington County.  Click HERE to check out AllenMoehrArtLLC

It was early 2021 when Moehr quit his job of 17 years to work on his art full time. For his commission pieces he will draw a piece up digitally and then freehand murals with spray paint.

Moehr described his style as “graffiti comic book skateboard art and pop.

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“It’s like a whole mixture of different styles all into one and it’s really colorful with real thick line work,” he said.

Allen Moehr

Moehr’s work can be seen inside the new Nosh Nook and on the back side of a building on Hawthorn Drive in West Bend.

Moehr’s Instagram page reads: Hello and thank you for checking out my shop. My name is Allen Moehr II. I am an artist/muralist base out of West Bend, WI. I offer original custom art in traditional and digital formats. I am creating this site to offer products and original art for sale.

Moehr posts art updates daily on his social media pages. He is encouraged by how the artwork has taken off. His work involving animals is very trendy.

“Painting people’s dogs is probably the biggest commission work,” he said. “I really enjoy doing murals and it all just seems to be coming together.”

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