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REAL ESTATE | VIDEO | End of an era as KFC gone in West Bend, WI

February 3, 2024 – West Bend, WI – The skyline along W. Washington Street looks a little different as one of the landmark locations, KFC, has gone dark.

A sign-removal team took advantage of the warmer temperatures, and one-by-one dropped the red and white signs of Colonel Sanders to the ground.

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“After this we’re going to Germantown and remove those KFC signs too,” said one of the crew members on the lift.

It was December 29, 2023 when KFC on W. Washington Street in West Bend, WI, announced it was “permanently closed.”

The fast-food franchise, 1580 W. Washington Street, had fliers posted in its windows and at the drive thru that read, “This location has permanently closed.”

Checking the corporate website, the West Bend, Wi location has been removed. Calls to KFC corporate echoed the same message.

It was June 2021 when KFC temporarily closed due to “maintenance issues” however staff indicated it was a “management issue.”

Below is the story that ran in June 2021.June 30, 2021 – West Bend, WI – Kentucky Fried Chicken, 1580 West Washington Street, in West Bend has reopened. A crinkly poster on the door says, “Howdy folks! Drive thru is open.” It is signed with a symbol of a signature Colonel Sanders tie.
There’s also another note with “temporary hours.”

KFC, Kentucky

KFCIt was earlier this month when the restaurant posted a sign on its door announcing a “temporary closure”

The note indicated the issue was due to “maintenance.”

The clerk at the drive thru said “management” was actually the real issue.

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