New music teachers at the WBHS start on a good note By Lilian Velez and Mattie Zautner

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Dec. 2, 2016 – West Bend, WI – West Bend High School student reporters Lilian Velez and Mattie Zautner have a nice personal profile published in The Current as they highlight new orchestra teacher Seth Matuszak and new choir director David Pecsi.  A portion of their article is below.


Both teachers are proud of how their students have been performing. Pecsi was pleased with how the choir’s first concert went.

“All groups did an impeccable job,” Pecsi said.

He has changed the program to be directed more by the students, giving them a say in where they want to go and what they want to accomplish musically.

“I think every year potential is unlimited, it’s just as hard as the students want to work and as far as they want to go,” Pecsi said. “Every choir has shown me they are ready to take the next step and go further. I’m excited to see where we go and how far we can go by the end of the year.”

Matuszak feels the same way about the orchestra program, which has already completed two concerts.

“I thought the first concert overall went pretty well, especially considering me not knowing anybody, and not knowing what to choose for music based on where everyone was at. It’s a very hard thing to put together for 181 students,” Matuszak said.

Matuszak plans to bring in his own new ideas to make the program the best it can be.

“I see lots of potential with the orchestras,” Matuszak said. “I think the key is…


Read the rest of the article at The Current or click HERE.


New music teachers Seth Matuszak, left, and David Pecsi pose in the music hallway. Photograph courtesy of Andrew Haese.


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