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VIDEO | West Bend Creamery opening day is July 25, 2023

West Bend, WI – Andy and Kelly Naumann, owners of the new West Bend Creamery, 600 N. Main Street, will officially open July 25, 2023. The Naumann’s have spruced up the landmark location with a fresh color scheme, a resealed and striped parking lot, new signage and the menu…..   stay tuned as the iconic custard stand preps to reopen.


The new color pattern for the locally owned business features a rich blue-and-white trim outlining the classic glass block facade and warm ivory base.

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Naumann is setting up the handcrafted frozen custard stand to be the “newest culinary destination in West Bend, WI.”

According to the webpage:

“West Bend Creamery is poised to redefine your dining experience. Our restaurant and frozen custard shop is set to delight your taste buds with an exquisite selection of handcrafted and flavored premium frozen custard. Indulge in our creamy delights, ranging from classic sundaes and mouthwatering milkshakes to delectable custard mixers and refreshing banana splits. But that’s not all! Our menu also features a tempting array of 1/3 pound fresh, never frozen burgers, premium sandwiches, and more. Whether you choose to dine-in and savor the cozy ambiance or opt for a convenient carryout meal, West Bend Creamery is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service and a memorable culinary experience. Get ready to embark on a delightful journey of flavors at West Bend Creamery, where every bite is a taste of pure joy.”

Andy and Kelly Naumann – owners of West Bend Creamery will open July 25, 2023.

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Below is a story that ran in May 2023 on WashingtonCountyInsider.com

In February 2023 the parcel at 600 N. Main Street in West Bend, Wi was listed for sale at $375,000. The 2020 assessment listed at $207,900.

On May 23, 2023 the property sold to Andy Naumann.

Within the past few weeks Newman has worked to change the landmark and return it to a traditional family hotspot.

“I am going to completely change the look, make it clean, more family orientated with American food and still put out amazing custard,” said Naumann.

The item most notably missing is the red and orange Toucan Frozen Custard street sign. Also missing are the vibrant colors on the exterior of the building. The next to go will be the iconic toucan sign atop the building as the landmark shop will soon be called West Bend Creamery.

The sale included a parcel which sold for $375,000. The transaction was recorded May 23, 2023 from Ez Solutions LLC to Naumann Real Estate LLC.


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Gone will be the days of neon and retro as Naumann, who grew up in West Bend, WI, looks to build the business back to iconic status.

“There’s so much joy in the custard business,” he said. “I just want to give back and provide good customer service to the community.”

Naumann said he was looking for a retirement project and the local custard stand brought back so many memories.

“I was here when Al and Debbie (Moehr) were running the shop,” he said. “I was born and raised in West Bend. I worked back in the heyday in the bakery at George Prescott’s Pick ‘n Saves. I did that through high school and then I worked at Old Fashioned Bakery for Rich Schommer.”


Toucan Custard, 600 N. Main Street, was listed for sale in February 2023 for $375,000. The 2020 assessment was $207,900.

Naumann currently lives in Slinger with his wife Kelly. He said West Bend Creamery will be an affordable place for people to get a good meal at a reasonable price. “And we’re removing the TVs from the dining area,” he said.

Over the next month Naumann will be cleaning and fixing with a target opening of July 1, 2023. “I realize there are delays in the restaurant industry with equipment, so my worst-case scenario is that I would be open for the Fourth of July parade and at least serve custard with good customer service.”

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Below is the story that ran in February 2023.

It was August 23, 2017, when the building at 600 N. Main Street aka Toucan Custard sold; records in the city assessor’s office noted the Estate of Robert Sivilotti and Lawrence Porter sold the building to Issa Bashabsheh for $225,000. Now, nearly six short years later the property is for sale again. The list price is below.

For 27 years the family of Al and Debbie Moehr family ran the iconic Toucan Custard shop.

“The frozen custard shop was our dad’s baby, and it was a great part of our childhood,” said Jacquelyn Heise. “I’ve been here all 27 years.”

Al Moehr bought Toucan when Jacquelyn was 14 years old. “I didn’t really have any thoughts on it,” she laughed. “I had my own thing going on.”

Rebecca vividly remembered walking down the hill with her brother Allen to get ice cream. “I was 9 years old, and we lived close, and my brother and I walked down here. It was fall and although it was cold, we sat outside eating a black forest ice cream cone,” she said.

“We were by ourselves, and we were able to get whatever we wanted.”

The girls recall having instant jobs and climbing the ladder from the entry-level position of making waffle cones to serving custard then on to manager.

“None of us really wanted to cook,” said Jacquelyn.

“I remember I was a manager at 14 years old because my dad needed one,” said Rebecca. “I cried and said, ‘I can’t be a manager.’”

Rebecca remembered being younger than the 16-year-olds she had to train. “It was so weird,” she said.

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Just in their teens and running a business, the girls said their dad was normally a phone call away.

“Oh, dad would call down here like six times a shift,” said Rebecca. The pair then mimicked Al’s grilling. “How are things going? How much custard do you have? Do you need help?”

Custard west

The decision to sell the business in 2017 came from a couple different angles. Larry Porter and his wife own the building with a business partner who passed away in April.

The Moehr family sold the business to brothers Suleiman and Issa Bashabsheh.

Now the parcel is on the market again and listed at $375,000. The 2020 assessment is listed at $207,900.

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On a side note: A Toucan Food & Custard is opening April 2023 on Grand Avenue in Port Washington. The business will serve Leon’s custard and Leroy Meats of Horicon with a Middle Eastern food menu. The owners are listed as Sul and Jackie Bashabsheh.

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