Not all semester exams at WB High Schools will include Galileo testing

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Nov. 14, 2016 – West Bend, WI – Hannah Bensen, editor in chief of the West Bend Current, has a strong article about Galileo testing in the West Bend School District. The testing format has had an uncomfortable history among students and staff.


Bensen details how the Galileo testing format will be used this coming school year. A portion of her article is below.


For students enrolled in year-long courses, Galileo tests will not be used as part of their exam scores in January.

Previously, the online testing system called Galileo was a required part of the exam grade at the end of each semester for most non-AP core classes. Now, Galileo testing will only be used as a part of the exam grade for semester classes. Year-long classes will still take the Galileo tests in January, but not as part of the exam. Instead, year-long classes will administer the test during a month-long window. Each year-long course will determine how Galileo will count, whether it is for a homework grade or a test grade.

Second semester exams, however, will require all classes, including year-long courses, to count Galileo as part of the exam grade.

These changes were made due to concerns that students were being graded on skills that they had not yet been taught in year-long classes.


Read the rest of Bensen’s article by logging onto The Current or click HERE.


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