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One-on-one with 2024 World Allround Champion Jordan Stolz of Kewaskum, WI

March 10, 2024 – Washington Co., WI – A huge congratulations to local speedskater Jordan Stolz as the 19-year-old from the Kewaskum area is the 2024 World Allround Champion. Stolz capped the season, winning the title in Inzell, Germany.

In Saturday’s 500 meter, Stolz finished in 34.10 setting a new track record, beating the previous time of 34.22 set February 8, 2019, by Ruslan Murashov of Russia.

“This is a perfect way to end the season and it’s what we wanted from last year,” said Stolz via the phone from Germany. “I feel pretty accomplished; we trained all season for this and it’s a very prestigious title next to an Olympic medal.”

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On Sunday, Stolz took the gold again in the 1500 meter, setting a new track record with a time of 1:41.78.  The last track record was set in 2019 by Dutch speedskater Thomas Krol at 1:42.58.

Click HERE to watch Stolz skate the 10,000 meter

Stolz is the youngest World Allround champ since Eric Heiden and the fifth speedskater from the USA to take the Allround title. Questioned whether he has heard from other Olympic speedskating champions about his accomplishments he said, “I haven’t had time to check my phone.”

Stolz was also already looking ahead to the next competition. “I have to check the calendar to see what the next competitions are. Obviously if I were to win World Sprints now, I would be only the third person to do that – win the World Sprints and the World Allround,” he said.

Stolz entered the weekend competition with six straight world titles.

While Stolz is taking the speedskating world by storm and crushing the competition, he was asked what other skaters are saying about him. “I really don’t know…. they’re all speaking Dutch and Norwegian,” he said.

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“I’m not feeling any pressure now that the season is over… there’s not a World Allround next year, so I don’t have to worry about Patrick (Roest) or anything,” he said.

Patrick Roest of the Netherlands is a three-time World Allround champion. He finished second to Stolz.

In the coming weeks, Stolz is prepping to take a couple weeks off and then start up with a training routine set by coach Bob Corby. “We’ll maybe focus on the 500, 1000, and 1500 this year – I just know it was really important to win the Allround and I did.”

Mention the name Bob Corby and Stolz said he is also extremely pleased. “He told me it’s one of the biggest things an American skater has done, especially with the single distance – so he’s really happy and so is Nick Thometz who he used to coach,” he said.

Wendy Wendorf
Wendy Wendorf

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