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Parking update for Saturday’s annual “SlamFest” at Slinger Speedway | By Slinger Police Department

August 13, 2018 – Slinger, WI – The Slinger Speedway’s annual “SlamFest” is Saturday, Aug. 18. This event draws the biggest crowd of the year. The Slinger Police Department has been working with the Slinger Super Speedway to create additional parking for this year’s event. The photo below outlines the additional parking and traffic pattern for one of these areas.

The first additional parking lot is being set up on Overlook Drive which runs off of HWY 144 just south of I-41. A walking path has been created for those that park in this area. That path will take you to the Speedway’s northwest gate. When departing, this parking lot it will be a right turn only and you will need to use I-41 to get back to the HWY 60 area.

The second additional parking lot is being created on the southeast corner of HWY 144 and Cedar Creek Road. This lot abuts the Little Switzerland Ski Hill property. You will need to enter and exit this parking lot by using the main entrance of Little Switzerland.

Traffic patterns may be adjusted, depending on the volume of vehicles leaving the event. As usual Cedar Creek Road will be a one-way street with two lanes heading westbound towards HWY 144. Traffic will also be directed eastbound on Cedar Creek Road when departing the upper Ski Hill lot and Speedway Pit lot. You will need to take Cedar Creek Road to Hillside Road. Turn right or south on Hillside Road to get back to HWY 60.







Because of the additional lot on Overlook Drive traffic exiting on Cedar Creek Road will NOT be able to go north on HWY 144 until that parking lot has been cleared out or until the traffic flow has subsided. All traffic exiting from Cedar Creek Road will be directed south on HWY 144. All traffic leaving the lower Ski Hill lot and the second additional lot will also have to go south on HWY 144.

Please keep this information in mind if you are planning on attending the event and plan accordingly as traffic patterns will restrict which direction you will be able to travel upon leaving.

Please pay attention to no parking areas as it will be strictly enforced. This could not only involve a parking ticket but the immediate removal of your vehicle by a tow company if it is deemed a hazard.

If you have any questions about the parking for the event contact Lt. Cashin at (262)644-6441 or by email: [email protected]

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