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Public notice regarding Washington County Executive Position

Washington County, WI – Following a vote on Sept. 11, 2019, supervisors in Washington County determined the county will shift from an appointed county administrator to an elected county executive.

Currently Joshua Schoemann is the Washington County administrator. Schoemann has not publicly announced his candidacy yet, however he has been asking for endorsements around town.

There’s a short list of others who have indicated they might be interested in running including former Washington County Sheriff Dale Schmidt.

So far no one has made an official announcement. According to the public notice at least 500 signatures must be submitted along with a declaration of candidacy and other required paperwork listed below.

The official public notice was posted today by County Clerk Ashley Reichert.


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at an election to be held in the several towns, villages, cities, wards, and election districts of the State of Wisconsin, Washington County, on Tuesday, April 7, 2020, the following office of County Executive is to be elected.

Interested candidates will need to complete and file a Campaign Finance Registration Statement (ETHCF-1), Declaration of Candidacy and Memorandum Regarding Felony Convictions (EL-162), and Nomination Paper for Nonpartisan Office (EL-169).

Forms are available click HERE.

The first day for candidates to circulate nomination papers for the 2020 Spring Election is December 1, 2019. The required amount of signatures is at least 500, but not more than 1,000.

The deadline for candidates to file nomination papers, declarations of candidacy, and campaign registration statements for the 2020 Presidential Preference Primary and Spring Election with the filing officer, the County Clerk, is 5 p.m. on January 7, 2020.

The County Executive will serve a term of 4 years, taking office on the 3rd Tuesday in April following the 2020 Presidential Preference Primary and Spring Election.

For more information, contact the County Clerk’s office at (262) 335-4301.


  1. I hope Shoeman does NOT run for county Executive. He has done nothing but INCREASE REVENUES in Washington County which mean INCREASED TAXES AND FEES….. AND HE WILL always be remembered as the one who stole out parks away from the tax payers! Shoeman should cut his losses and MOVE ON…. I know I will actively work against his election if he runs.

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