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Questionable bathroom pass at West Bend High School has been removed

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Sept. 14, 2018 – West Bend, WI – The West Bend School District has removed a bathroom pass that Superintendent Don Kirkegaard said was a “mistake.”

“This was a pass and it was a teacher’s pass that was an attempt to be semi humorous,” he said.

The bathroom pass held a key ring. The pass carried a symbol of the West Bend West Spartan and the West Bend East Sun and it read, “I am missing out on a valuable educational experience because I couldn’t hold it.”

Kirkegaard said the passes are issued to keep track of students.

“This was a bathroom pass that was not authorized and it has been removed and we apologize,” he said. “It was not the intent of the teacher to make anyone feel bad. It was not as appropriate as it should have been.”






Kirkegaard said the pass has been removed and the situation is being used as a reminder to all faculty and employee.

“We have addressed it, we don’t condone the pass and we truly believe it was just designed as a pass to go to the bathroom but they didn’t use as much common sense as they should. We will learn from our mistakes,” Kirkegaard said.



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