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Washington County residents hit with rate increase by We Energies starting January 2023

Washington Co., WI – As neighbors in Washington County, WI face multiple November 8 referendum questions to and proposed property tax increases for 2023, We Energies is now piling on with a proposed 8.4% increase as well.

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In August neighbors received a notice with their WE Energies statement titled ‘Learn about our 2023 rate proposal.’

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We Energies said it needs more money because of capital investments, upcoming projects, and changes with other utilities.

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The increase in electricity is estimated at $6 a month, every month. According to We Energies, some customers may be lower and some higher depending on usage. Businesses will be hit as well with a 9.68% increase or an 11.68% increase annually.

Natural gas will go up between $5.94 a month to $6.39 a month depending on therm usage.  A copy of the data on their flyer is below.

While the proposed rate increase still has yet to be approved by the Public Service Commission, We Energies appears confident at least some increase will be approved as it notes the increase is anticipated to take effect in January 2023.

A hearing date before the PSCW has yet to be determined.

Attention should also be paid to the fact, the We Energies increase, and the multiple referendum increases come before the city and county announce their 2023 budgets where tax hikes are almost certain because of the rise in inflation and energy costs. The budgets will be determined at the end of November, after the referendums.

As of the initial budget meeting in October the City of West Bend, WI is considering an increase of 50 cents per $1,000 of property value.

Also note property owners in West Bend will be going through a revaluation in 2023.  The new assessments are what property tax payments are based on.

The last time We Energies had a rate increase was 2021.

On a side note: Referendums are also being proposed for Germantown and MPTC; for some taxpayers in Washington County there could be 4 referendum questions on the November 8, 2022 ballot.


  1. Wisconsin has a 4 billion dollar surplus why is this not utilized? What happened to revenue sharing? The Wisconsin GOP Robin Vos or Duey Strobel should be contacted. They are controlling our lives. Josh Schoenmann what are you doing about this?

  2. Another giant corporation out to screw the people! A monopoly. I thought there are laws against anything being a monopoly? There are! We only have WE Energies. And everytime the wind blows our power goes out! I have terminal cancer and i got a whooping $236. For the year for energy assistance. I m totally permanently disable. Soc sec keeps one third of my money every month. Need to be 65 66 or 67 to get 99% of it. I m gonna be dead. Then they get to keep it all. And i love the statement the last time WE Energies raised their rates was 2021! That was last year! And thanks Josh for really helping out residents of Washington County here in Wis.! When was the last time you voted yourselves pay raises? Once a month at least.i m way below poverty level and i csn t even get foodshare!!! I didn t ask for terminal cancer. Lots of drs and radiologists and surgeons ignored me for over 10 years. 3 round of breast cancer and just kept saying i was cancer free. Even though i had debilitating back pain after first round of breast cancer. Did i mention that radiologist and first dr let the lump in my breast for like 8 plus years? No biopsy. Wouldn t remove it. No. Just waited until it turned into cancer. Could ve been cancer all along. Not one of them checked it or cared. 10 years of hell. More than that. Took 13 years to win disabilty. Which they get to keep one third of. Can t work. In my bones now. Been growing in them a long time. So now stage four bone cancer. U try to live off of $1246/month! But can t get help. So raise the price of everything. You re good at that! I can t work. My spine is severly damaged from cancer. Plus ribs, shoulders, a kidney, pelvic region. And u can t sue a dr in Wis either. Only if u can get a dr. To testify against another dr. Like that ll happened. So i won t die from cancer. I ll die because i m gonna end up homeless! I worked hard all of my life. I loved to work. Now i m just grateful to lay in bed propped up with pillows and icepacks. Probably freeze to death first if WE Energies gets their way. And they will. And nothing was on the ballot about this in November. Oh that s right. Our government isn t ours anymore. Controlled by greedy rich people. Our Constitution should start off with we the government has total control and how to screw the people that need help! Total bs! No need for this. No need to send all our work overseas either. Nothing s made here anymore. Very very little. We r not the best country anymore. Corrupt. Power. Greed. Hate. So sickening.

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