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REAL ESTATE | The magic phrase in real estate | By Al Wisnefske – Land and Legacy Group

September 29, 2022 – Washington County, WI – I found one quote from the Wall Street Journal super interesting. It centers around the magic phrase in real estate; Location, Location, Location.
The magic phrase in real estate….location, location, location.

“Land use restrictions and a lack of public investment in roads, rail, and other infrastructure have made it harder than ever for developers to find sites near big population centers to build homes. As people keep moving to cities such as Austin, Phoenix, and Tampa, they are pushing up the price of dirt and making the housing shortages in these fast-growing areas even worse.

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“In the Sunbelt, the average price of vacant land per acre more than doubled in the past two years through the second quarter. Land now accounts for 47% of U.S. home values, up from 38% in 2012 and less than 20% in the early 1960s.” (WSJ)

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