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Republican /Democratic parties from Washington Co. weigh in on presidential debate

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Heads of both Washington County political parties submitted their reviews of Monday night’s presidential debates.

Washington County Democrats held a viewing party at their headquarters on Main Street in downtown West Bend and Waring Fincke, vice-chair of the Democratic Party of Washington County submitted his review.


Those who have already made up their minds about who to vote for in the race for President probably won’t be swayed by tonight’s televised debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Both played well to their political bases, exploiting the perceived weaknesses in the other’s positions or history.

Trump seemed to speak in slogans better suited to bumper stickers while Clinton showed a firm command of policy, fact and her ability to lead.

Those few still on the fence now have a much clearer picture of these two candidates and will, hopefully, vote intelligently.

Waring R. Fincke  Vice-Chair Democratic Party of Washington County



About a block south, conservatives gathered at the Republican Party headquarters on Hickory Street and took in the debate.

Jim Geldreich, Chairman Washington County Republican Party, filed his review.


The consensus at the Washington county Republican Party debate watching gathering was that Donald Trump presented ideas to get this country back on track, while Hillary Clinton provided no vision and essentially reiterated the same tired old mantra that has been unsuccessful for the past eight years.

In addition, she presented issues such as increasing taxes on the wealthy, raising the minimum wage, climate change, and free college tuition, all of which will further financially burden businesses and middle class taxpayers.

Conversely, Donald Trump talked about bringing jobs back to America, lowering the corporate tax rate, defeating ISIS, securing the border, improving the inner cities for minorities, preventing nuclear proliferation, supporting law enforcement and strengthening our military.  We all felt these were issues that the majority of the country is most concerned with.

Jim Geldreich, Chairman Washington County Republican Party

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