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Residents near S. 18th Avenue invoiced for road reconstruction project

August 3, 2020 – West Bend, WI – The City of West Bend recently mailed 115 letters/invoices to neighbors in the Westminster Place subdivision, located in the area of Decorah Road and 18th Avenue.

The invoices range between $185.04 to $14,070.54. The invoice is for a special assessment tied to road improvements on 18th Avenue between Decorah Road and Vogt Drive along with curb and gutter, street lights, sidewalk, etc.

In March 2020 neighbors from Westminster Place subdivision spoke out during a public hearing to try and convince the council to back off the special assessment that could tag properties an additional $1,757.14 to $5,449.47 to over $16,000.

Bob Roecker was one of the neighbors who spoke. “The city shall have the right to impose special assessments. It doesn’t say the city must.  We’re being assessed over $11,000. This road benefits all of West Bend.  Why isn’t the cost distributed evenly among all taxpayers? Are all road improvements in the city of WB financed by special assessments? Then if not – why this one? This money doesn’t fall from the sky. This isn’t fair or ethical. I hope you will decide to levy this tax on all taxpayers evenly.

A copy of the invoice and payment options with interest are posted below.

The largest special assessment was issued to the non-profit Friends, Inc., a shelter for those affected by domestic abuse or sexual assault.

Special Assessment letter

Preliminary assessment amounts

In March 2020 neighbors spoke during a public hearing to try and convince the council to back off the special assessment.  Click HERE to watch the public hearing from March 3, 2020.

The common council voted on the proposal with a note that payments could be made over five years and property owners would be given payment-plan options.

Aldermen voting in favor of the special assessment: – Alderman John Butschlick, Mark Allen, Andrew Chavalier, Chris Jenkins, Rich Kasten, Steve Hoogester, Justice Madl, Meghan Kennedy.

Dist. 8 alderwoman Meghan Kennedy: “I just wanted to say thank you to all the residence who reached out.  I empathize and the people experiencing the impact of COVID-19 and the push back on the date. I went back and forth and to me the contract from 2004 stood out and that’s why I will vote yes because of the developer’s agreement.”








More construction on 18th Avenue ahead

The 18th Avenue project between Decorah Road and Vogt Drive was completed in October 2018.

The second half of the project to widen and repave 18th Avenue from Vogt Drive south to Paradise Drive is ahead. So far, the work has yet to be bid out and a timetable approved.

Neighbors along the south end of that portion of 18th Avenue will also likely face a special assessment unless action is taken by the common council.

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  1. I’m so appalled by this I don’t even have the words to adequately state my frustration and disgust on this topic. That road is a main vein from one end of the town to the other. Thousands of people probably traverse it every day. But they’re going to charge the residents for this. The equitable thing to do would have been to put up a stinking toll booth!
    Why the city’s tax revenue can’t pay for this, I don’t know. It isn’t like we’re investing in any other street repairs in town.

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