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Revamped Relay for Life to debut in Wash. Co. 2017



Hello Friends and Business Partners,

I am reaching out to you because I find value in our relationship.

As you know, I am very community driven and have a passion for people!!

Two events I work on each year are extremely near and dear to my heart personally!

One being Relay for Life.

We have some big changes coming with the 2017 Relay!!

We are giving it a face lift!!!

I know how busy we all are and how precious our time is…..I am asking you to please come ot our meeting tomorrow at 6pm. It will be held at MPTC!!

I need your help to make 2017 the best year!!!!

We have all been touched by cancer, a friend, a loved one, a neighbor……

I am not asking for more than to please meet me at the meeting tomorrow night. Listen in. See how you can help!

We will not take a lot of your time.

No strings attached.

If you know of anyone else that may be interested, please bring them. Or forward this email.

This is an extremely fun group to work with. Our meetings are full of  fun and laughter….well I am there…so there is that!! 😉

Please come and sit with me!

Again, I value our relationship and believe you would be a great help to our success!!

Thank You in advance!

Jess 🙂


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