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Letter to the Editor | Rhodes and Strupp: Key contributors to Slinger’s success | By Daren Sievers

March 20, 2024 – Washington Co., WI – For 27 years I worked for the Slinger Schools before resigning in 2022 for medical reasons. During my career, it became clear to me that a District is only as good as their Board of Education and the synergy, leadership, and support that team provides the district.


Top districts have board leaders who trust their teachers, support staff, building leaders, and district leaders to use their skills and education to do what is best for kids on a daily basis and guide them with the big decisions. Struggling districts have polarized boards that let personal and political agendas drive their decision-making and view their staff with suspicion and doubt.

I always knew we had a great board in Slinger, that is why I made this my temporary home and brought my kids to these schools. But after being away, now I see even more clearly how high functioning and staff and child-centered this district leadership team has been.

I am often asked why the Slinger School District is so strong. I tell them it is because we have a community and a school board that TRUSTS the staff and administration to do what is best for kids.

Ken Strupp and Cherie Rhodes along with the other board members have been at the heart of that success. Keep that in mind in the weeks ahead. My appreciation for the Slinger School Board is profound and overdue to be stated publicly.

Daren Sievers – former Slinger parent, counselor, elementary principal, high school principal, and superintendent



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