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Sarah’s Crusade for Corey – a 50.5-mile day on the Ice Age Trail | By Abel Krebs

June 14, 2023 – Jackson, Wi – My mom, Sarah Krebs, is on the adventure of a lifetime, running 1,150 miles on the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin in honor of her friend Corey who died of pancreatic cancer. We are getting so excited to be getting closer to civilization and our friends to come and join her. Thank you again for all the support. We couldn’t do this without you!!


Day 11 – Today, Mom ate five bananas, a gas station sandwich, a chicken salad sandwich, a doughnut, chocolate milk, a ham and cheese sandwich, three rice crispy bars, and a lot of candy.

We learned today that Mom runs well in rain and wind. In total, Mom ran 50.5 miles!

Mom’s coach was right about having her open up her legs by sprinting for 20 seconds and then walking for 30 at least five times. We will help her recover for tomorrow, tonight.

Day 10 – Today, Mom ran 39.6 miles. Dad has been having Mom put her legs up high and lie down when we meet up with her. We learned it’s called leg dumping.

Another velociraptor/grouse attacked Mom.

She had a banana, a gas station sandwich, two cookies, chocolate milk, a muffin, a ham and cheese sandwich, Doritos, and a lot of candy to get fueled up. We will make sure she gets a good night’s sleep tonight.


The entry below is from Ben Krebs, Sarah’s husband.

Couple days here. 9&10. Yesterday (day 9) was really our low. It was a good start with lots of smiles but just exhaustion for everyone. I let the kids sleep in and took Sarah back to the gravel napping spot.
Mosquitoes were awful and required spray and nets to even be out of the truck. Incredible how Sarah can wave and be polite to everyone no matter what her situation. Found a great way to help reduce swelling fast in her legs, head on the downside of the ramp and get her feet up.
Shin is definitely improving but she needs to get a good stride in to open up her joints. If I’m not mistaken I think she finished around 39 miles and felt pretty good. Our nights are filled with pancakes and early bedtimes.
Day 10. Today we decided to let the kids enjoy the entire day at the hotel and watch TV. On the short drive out the rain started which we assumed would help with the bugs. That’s not true mosquitoes love Sarah and have told the entire state about her adventure just so they could follow us. Or they can smell the dirty clothes piling up in the truck again. 😂
Great vibes and spirits again! Always starting with a smile. I took a drive through a park in the middle of the woods north of Antigo.
It was another war memorial. Most people move up north to get away from the crowds and people but at least they still show respect and honor to those who have and are serving. Even in the deep woods of northern Wisconsin.
The worst of the trails is coming to an end from what we hear. Unbelievable 13 minute miles today and lots of them. Even though it was raining and windy today all day, her spirits couldn’t be broken. I picked the kids up from the hotel and we are sitting in the truck waiting for her to get Açaí bowls for dinner.
During the day I stopped by the local archery shop and taxidermy shop. J’s Archery in Antigo got me in contact with an old friend who I haven’t seen in a couple years from the area. Thank you, guys, for that and the new hat. These guys were a class act so if you are in the Antigo area stop by along with Tom from After the Hunt Taxidermy. It’s been pretty quiet lately with people adding names to the trailer which is a good thing.
We are getting so excited to be getting closer to civilization and our friends to come and join her! Thank you again for all the support! We couldn’t do this without you!!

Day 8 – Today, Mom ate a lot of candy, a burger, and bananas. In total, she ran 39 miles. She had a rough day because of the terrain. Her shin was definitely better.
We found out today mom may not stop liking Hi-Chews, a fruity candy made in Japan. It’s what she lives off now.
We also learned Tug Lake, in Lincoln County, is not a lake for swimming. Mom ran past an Elk Farm. Overall, it was a good day.
Day 9 – Today my mom ended early to get rest. We went to the store to get some things and took her to the hotel.
She had an Epsom salt bath and then a nap. She ran 19.6 miles on Saturday. When she was running, she saw a baby bear; that put an extra hop in her step.
For fuel she ate a banana, sandwich, donut, chicken salad sandwich, and a hot dog.
Hopefully tonight she can get a good sleep.
THE ADVENTURE: I will be running the entire Ice Age Trail starting June 3, 2023, to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Research & The Ice Age Trail Alliance. The Crusade for Corey will start in St. Croix Falls at the western terminus and finish in Sturgeon Bay at the eastern terminus.

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That is roughly 1,150 miles of running in total, 50-60 miles per day, rain or shine. With Corey running with me in spirit, I will be attempting the supported fastest known time (FKT). My goal will have me completing this crusade in 21 days. My husband, Ben, and our two kiddos, Abel and Johanna, will be my main support throughout this journey!
–Sarah Krebs


Day 7 – Mom was able to run most of the day. We learned today that there is a 100 ft. beaver dam on the trail. In total, mom ran 33.76 miles today. The bugs were so bad they would follow mom into the screen tent we have.

They would also follow the truck, trying to get in. today mom ate bananas, chocolate PeanutButter and jelly, sausage, chips, and candy. Hopefully mom can run more tomorrow.

Day 6 – My mom’s shin was feeling better today. Mom ate one waffle, hardboiled egg, watermelon gummies, hi-chews, pizza pringles, bananas, bacon cheeseburger, and fries.

When she came back from running the Mondeaux Esker segment, she said that it looked like the trail was never even touched. She thinks people should go out and fix the trail.

Artwork on the Ice Age Trail

Mom was able to run a little bit today thankfully. She run/walked in total 31.07. Maybe, tomorrow her shin will feel better.

Day 5 – My mom ended up with a hurting shin at the end. So today, she had no choice but to walk 31.18 miles.

Amish buggy

She ate a cheeseburger, 4 power balls from Robert, 3 bananas, watermelon gummies, half of a bagel & donut, and pizza Pringles.

Her attitude was really good today even though her shin was hurting. Her shin will hopefully be better tomorrow.

On Tuesday, my mom started running at 7:40 a.m. She had a banana, a cheeseburger from Dylans Dairy, and a lot of candy.

She was in a really good mood, she said after one segment, “I was attacked by a veloceraptor.” She was referring to a grouse. Overall she ran 48.5 miles.

She had a great day. She hopefully will do as good of a job she did today, tomorrow.


My name is Abel and I’m reporting on her progress.

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My mom started today around 6:40 a.m. She ran 49.5 miles today. She had another pb&j, some cucumbers, and pizza Pringles for lunch.

My dad, Ben Krebs, shaved his big beard off in the afternoon. My mom’s face was priceless.

She was going strong, but she was getting tired.


 Click HERE to read more about Sarah’s Crusade for Corey

She ended today at the start of The Tuscobia segment.

We hope she can go through another safe and successful run again tomorrow.

About the author: Abel Krebs, soon to be 13, is the son of ultra-runner Sarah Krebs. Abel is a student at Morning Star Lutheran. He is part of the support team for Sarah’s Crusade for Corey for the 21-day adventure and he’s filing updates from the road.

Stay tuned as we keep you posted when Sarah will be running the Ice Age Trail through Hartford, Slinger, Kewaskum and West Bend, Wi.

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