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VIDEO | Order your fresh turkey today at Schwai’s Meat & Sausage in Fredonia

Fredonia, WI – Tom and Kathey Schwai are taking orders for fresh turkey for your Thanksgiving.
Better get your order in quick. 262-692-2731 at Schwai’s Meat & Sausage W3940 County Road H Fredonia, WI 53021. Turkeys are fresh and weigh between 8 and 28 pounds.

Click HERE for Tom’s turkey video from 2018

Behind the Scenes with The Schwai’s: Behind the scenes it was our third and final video of the day and the talent was getting restless.

It was Thursday afternoon, a little cool and I had paired my blue jeans with open-toed sandals to extend the summer season as much as possible.

And my choice of footwear is how it started.

Kathey: What do you got those kind of shoes on it’s going to frost tonight!

You don’t even need to listen closely as I have an audible and very measured exhale. I quickly regroup and offer a little calming direction on our theme about a turkey promo and how this video shoot won’t take long at all.

Cue Tom…. below is the unedited version.


Things are moving right along and then (1:27) Tom takes over as director and Kathey signs off! Good times at Schwai’s



Tommy Schwai
Fair Park
Tommy Schwai

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