VIDEO | Thanks for supporting senior meals at The Precinct in Germantown


Germantown, WI – A note of “Thanks” to a generous community who supported meals for senior citizens in Washington County and The Precinct Tap & Table in Germantown.

Jodi Janisse-Kanzenbach, head chef and owner of The Precinct Tap & Table in Germantown, was blown away by the generous donations for a food program that was supposed to run through December 2020 and actually continued through January 2021.

“We did a campaign called the 12 Days of Christmas and it was for senior citizens who were struggling around the holidays,” she said.


The original goal was to provide 15 meals a day to seniors for 12 days, but the generosity was phenomenal.

“We had our sights set on raising $3,200 but we ended up collecting $8,900 which equals 454 meals. Thank you so much to the corporations and people in the community who participated,” Janisse-Kanzenbach said.

Precinct and Interfaith

Because of the generosity, The Precinct Tap & Table delivered meals to senior citizens across Germantown and Washington County well past the holidays and through the month of January.

“The meal prep kept our employees busy and from the bottom of my heart thanks to the people who donated. You don’t realize how your generosity made a lot of people very happy,” she said.

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