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Quick question | Should schools across Washington Co. have canceled class today?

February 16, 2023 – Washington Co., WI – Schools across Washington Co., WI canceled class today because of incoming snow.  The National Weather Service was forecasting about 2 inches in Washington County.

As of Thursday morning the updated forecast showed a great opportunity for precipitation to the south.

Some parents have been burning up the phone lines to various district administration complaining about the decision.

What do you think? Should schools have canceled classes today?

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  1. Absolutely not. Snow didn’t even start till after 9am and at 2:30 there was maybe 2 inches. Today we are a society of sissies who wouldn’t have survived growing up in the 60s!

  2. Considering the facilities in place to contend with the pandemic, the district should have gone virtual for a day. No more snow days.

  3. Yes. I do agree with schools being closed today. It wasn’t bad early on but the roads became very dangerous later in the day when children would have been leaving school. There were multiple accidents in our area today.

  4. People are going to find any excuse to complain with closing or not closing school for the day .
    I get people have to work, I get children need to be in school, but if they didn’t close and say something would of happened with a bus having a accident with children aboard then everyone would say , school should of closed
    And hold them accountable for not closing!
    It’s so unfortunate that so many people have so many things to complain about when in reality the administration was looking out for your children’s safety and well being.
    It’s sad what our society is becoming and how disrespectful people are nowadays.
    Close or no close it’s for the safety of the children!!!

  5. It was a good decision. If the weather would have gone the way it was forecast, then it would have been dangerous for drivers in the afternoon which is hazardous even for the kids walking. It turns out that it would have been fine but no one can predict for certain that that was going to happen.

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