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Sinkhole on N. Main Street in Downtown West Bend


Dec. 16, 2018 – West Bend, WI – There’s a pretty large sinkhole in front of the old Ziegler building, 215 N. Main Street.

While the east side of the road is cordoned off there is a mucky mess of mud leading to a large hole on the sidewalk.

The hole is about 5 to 6-feet deep and measures about 8-feet wide.

The sidewalk has fallen in from the curb line to the edge of the red brick building.



We are awaiting a call back from police for more details.

Early word is this was caused by a water main break.


According to Friday’s note from City Administrator Jay Shambeau this winter season the city is averaging one water main break per week. Last week there was a break with a large hole in the road on S. 15th Avenue.


water main break on 15th Avenue in West Bend

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