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VIDEO | Slinger-based company gaining national attention with solution to lithium-ion battery fires

Slinger, WI – The team at Fire Suppression Solutions, 3744 Lover’s Lane, Slinger, WI, has been watching the news out of Washington D.C. as Congress takes up the issue of lithium-ion battery fires. The batteries are common in everything from cell phones to scooters, power tools, toys, computers, vehicles, etc.

Fires related to the batteries are not able to be extinguished simply with water and the locally owned company out of Slinger is spreading the word that it has the solution.

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Fire Suppression Solutions is currently drawing national attention as it has the product of the future that’s in a spray and will easily suffocate fires in anything with a lithium-ion battery.

Mark Mock, President/COO, and Rich Cohn, owner of Fire Suppression Solutions in Slinger, WI, discussed the challenges of lithium-ion battery fires and their innovative product to address them.

“Lithium-ion battery fires are becoming one of the leading causes of deadly fires. These deadly fires do not discriminate; you see them in large cities, in small rural areas, in red and blue states,” Mock said. “Officials say these fires are also harder to extinguish because they need more water to put them out, so we’re increasing our training curriculum to tackle this challenge.”

“At Fire Suppression Solutions in Slinger, Wisconsin, we have a couple of options to help suppress and extinguish these fires,” said Cohn. “What we’re seeing right now is the battery has started on fire from the thermal runaway, burning the plastic case, and giving us black smoke. We’ve also got a little bit of white smoke in there, which is the thermal runaway. If we watch it for a period of time, we’ll actually see a blowtorch effect where the battery starts producing its own oxygen, making it hard to suppress the fire using dry chemicals or water.”

Mock said, “Our certified lithium-ion extinguisher quickly suppresses the fire and cools it. Our solution is a small bottle of Stay Safe, which is recommended for lithium-ion fires, class AB fires. It is BSI-certified, as UL doesn’t have a certification. We have it in a small bottle for the homeowner and in large containers for the fire service.”

Mock demonstrated the product. “This is the smaller home version, basically where you can have it anywhere in your home or your vehicle if you need to. Unlike a conventional fire extinguisher where you really have to squeeze the handle, for seniors and the elderly, this is again just like a hairspray bottle where you just have to push it down very lightly to get the fluid to come out. Spray a little bit on there, and it cools it down and stops the thermal runaway.”

Fire Suppression Solution’s product provides an innovative and effective solution to the challenge of lithium-ion battery fires, offering both convenience and safety for homeowners and fire services alike.

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