Slinger man’s name released following federal indictment on drug charges |  By Washington County Sheriff’s Lt. Paul Buth

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July 3, 2020 – Washington Co., WI – A 47-year-old Village of Slinger man, Antonion Holt, and a 33-year-old Milwaukee man, Emmanuel Vashaun James, were federally indicted in United States District Court – Eastern District of Wisconsin in late June 2020 for conspiracy to deliver several controlled substances. These charges are the culmination of a 12-month long investigation that originated in the Village of Slinger.

Washington County Sheriff

The two men were stopped and arrested May 11 by the Wisconsin State Patrol in Waukesha County at the direction of a Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation Special Agent working in cooperation with the Washington County Drug Task Force and the Slinger Police Department.

During the traffic stop, $29,850 and two firearms (handguns) were seized. The men were transported to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office for questioning and remained in custody at the Washington County Jail on various drug charges.

Following the arrest, two search warrants were obtained for the men’s residences in Slinger and Milwaukee. The search warrant in Milwaukee was served by the Division of Criminal Investigation and seized 288.3 grams of heroin, 56.2 grams of methamphetamine, 187 30mg-Oxycodone tablets, 355 grams of marijuana, $13,763 in U.S. currency and 12 firearms (handguns, rifles, and shotguns).

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The search warrant in Slinger was served by the Washington County Drug Task Force, with assistance from the Slinger Police Department, and seized 15.4 grams of crack cocaine, 1045.3 grams of marijuana, 99.4 grams of multi-colored/shaped pills which field tested positive for fentanyl, $22,004 in U.S. currency and two illegally possessed firearms (handguns).

Several seizures in Washington County during the investigation leading up to the arrest totaled an additional 43.43 grams of crack cocaine.

During the course of May 11, six people in total were arrested for their involvement in this drug conspiracy. Four individuals remained in custody at that time and two others were subsequently released. The two indicted men were turned over to the US Marshalls and remain in federal custody pending trial. Follow up investigation continues with more indictments expected.

Sheriff Martin R. Schulteis responded to the investigation stating, “Multi-jurisdictional investigations such as these demonstrate that criminal operations know no borders, and law enforcement seamlessly works together to hold those accountable that bring this poison into our communities; one badge, one mission.”

The Washington County Drug Task Force is staffed by the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the West Bend Police Department, the Germantown Police Department and the Kewaskum Police Department.

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