Slinger student working on Eagle Scout Project | By Alex Lange

Oct. 5, 2018 – Slinger, WI – I have been very busy these past couple of months with demolition and fundraising on my Eagle Scout Project for the Slinger VFW.


I removed the pergola. Then with the help of Kevin Zee Home and Ground Improvement we moved the brat shack, shed and the large tables to allow access to the brick pavers for removal.

Later, I removed six light posts and two permanent garbage cans. Some members from my troop volunteered their time to help remove the bricks from the patio and put them on pallets.


I also removed the rotted fencing. This Saturday we took the pallets of bricks off the patio and moved them towards the back of the lot with the help of Randy Duquette. This has cleared the way to work on the new foundation.







I have also been very active raising funds. Speaking to local service organizations, churches and businesses that also have been very supportive of my project. Tile sales for the Honor and Appreciation Wall have been steady as well. I have enough funds to begin buying some of the necessary supplies to begin rebuilding, starting with the foundation.

Alex Lange

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