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3 things that made me smile this month | By Ann Marie Craig

Big Cedar Lake, WI – You’ll think I’ve moved to the U.K. when you see this list because somehow, I’ve been charmed by the landscape and the people.  See what you think.
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Book:  The Last Wilderness by Neil Ansell

In 2008 my closest friend and I walked many, many miles in Scotland – you may remember our lovely Mist of the Moor Soap, which was designed on that walk. Having walked that land, I felt an immediate connection to Neil’s walks on the very western Knoydart Peninnsula. It is as though I am also on his journey through the glens and up and down the hills. If you are a fan of travel by foot, I think you would enjoy this quiet read.

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Podcast:  Ffern: As the Season Turns by Lia Leendertz

I was again charmed by this quietly engaging podcast that celebrates the seasons and all that happens in them. This podcast is released on the first of each month by Ffern, and organic perfume maker in Somerset, England. I make time each Sunday afternoons to work on a creative project and listen to a podcast from 2022 as well.

Instagram:  @thelaundrygarden

Jenny Williams is a delightful gardener in Wales who tends a “secret” walled garden on the property she and her husband own. Jenny posts about the plants she tends, about her home and family, and about the many layers of garden construction that she and her husband continue to create around their home.

About the author: Ann Marie Craig is a local writer and soap maker living in a century old farmhouse on Big Cedar Lake. Read more at Century Farmhouse

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