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Girls from St. Frances Cabrini run 5K as part of Girls on the Run | By Joelle Jrolf 

West Bend, WI – Nine girls from St. Frances Cabrini School will be running a 5k on Thursday, June 3 at 3:30 p.m. They have been practicing for months.
girls on the run
“I like GOTR because it helps us get better at running while teaching us ways to be kind.” Julia Wolfe 3rd Grade
Many of the girls are not runners and they will have a running buddy with them. Below is the map of their route. They have worked so hard.
5k map
“It helps me get fit. I like we have GOTR friends and teammates who pick you up when you are feeling down. It like helping others by the community projects we get to do.”- Ashley Camlin 4th grade
McD chicken sandwiches
They are a part of the Southeastern Wisconsin chapter of Girls On The Run.
“I like that you get to work as a team. You get to make new friends in other grades. It helps me to set a running goal and work hard to achieve it.” -Ellie Doll 4th Grade
McD chicken sandwiches
“GOTR helped me to learn tools to make friends easier and it pushed me to become a better runner. I liked how we were able to help others with our community service project and how I could see the difference in my teammates’ attitudes by the end of the season.” April Roeber 5th Grade
St.Frances Cabrini Girls on The Run
Teachers & Leaders:
Katie Wolfe
Carolyn Noble
Alison Tanking
5th Grade:
Ella Gates
April Roeber
Haylee Johnson
Madison Nornberg
4th Grade:
Ellie Doll
Ashley Camlin
3rd Grade:
Julia Wolfe
Ainsley Agee
Estella Rinzel
Hopefully you can attend and help cheer the girls on.
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