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Oct. 8, 20187 – Washington Co., WI – Shoe St. Vincent de Paul in Hartford, Slinger or West Bend and save.

In Washington County the first St. Vincent de Paul conference was started by Msgr. Edward Stehling and 10 laymen from Holy Angel’s parish of West Bend in 1954.

The Holy Angel’s conference included Holy Angel’s, St. Francis Cabrini and St. Mary’s of West Bend. In addition St. Michael’s of Kewaskum, St. Killian’s of Hartford, St. Boniface of Germantown and Holy Trinity of Newburg formed conferences.

These conferences are still in place today serving their local communities.The Washington County Particular Council was formed in 1956. The original St. Vincent de Paul store was opened in 1960 at 1232 N. Main Street in Barton.

The St. Vincent de Paul (SVdP) Society is a world-wide organization founded by Frederick Ozanam in Paris, France, in 1833. Ozanam was a 20-year-old man inspired by the principles of St. Vincent de Paul in the early 1600’s.

St. Vincent de Paul vowed his life to serving the poor with humble service.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society work is a quiet, behind the scenes non-profit organization (501 C-3).

The work performed by the lay people of the society are referred to as Vincentians. the Vincentians visit and help the sick, poor, and needy with counseling, vouchers and spiritual guidance.

Monies generated by the store operations go toward medical, housing, clothing, personal needs and organizations serving our common goal.



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