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Strawberry season starts and ends early this year | By Elena Rettler

West Bend, WI – The strawberry season is underway across Washington County, WI and it appears this year’s season will start and end early.

strawberry season

Witte’s Vegetable Market,2313 County Hwy NN, West Bend, WI, is a locally owned and operated family farm. Witte’s grows an assortment of many different kinds of vegetables and fruits including strawberries. 


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The normal strawberry season in this region doesn’t start until the middle of June, but this year the season is ahead of schedule.

“Our season is basically going to start next week. It’s very early this year so that’s a big thing,” said Gus Witte, owner of Witte’s Vegetable Market. “Generally, strawberries don’t start until June 15 in our area. So, strawberries are almost 10 days ahead of time. Which also means they will be done before most people realize it.”

Neighbors across Washington County have chimed in with some pretty significant rainfall totals this spring. Witte said it has not affected the strawberry fields yet, but if it continues to rain the situation may change. 

“At this point strawberry production looks pretty good,” Witte said. “You just don’t want a lot of rain when the berries are in full production.” 

Witte’s Vegetable Market normally has staff select the best berries and offers a nice selection in quart containers, priced at $6.75. Witte’s is not a ‘pick-your-own’ farm.   

Witte encourages people to shop early.

“Just a reminder like don’t wait too long,” Witte said. “A lot of the time strawberry season goes to the 4th of July but it’s not going to be like that this year.”

Picture courtesy Witte’s Vegetable Market

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