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Students at Kettle Moraine Lutheran taking advantage of dual-credit program

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A new dual-credit program implemented at Kettle Moraine Lutheran is allowing high school students to earn college credit through several universities.

Grand Canyon University, Concordia University in Mequon, and UW-Oshkosh have partnered with KML to offer several courses that can be taken online.

Available classes include Introduction to Psychology, Computer Science, and Introduction to Communications, with a length of seven to 14 weeks for each.
KML senior Elliot Shambeau feels the classes are a great advantage for someone who wants to build up college credit while still in high school. “I’ve taken about four classes through GCU, and it’s been a great experience overall,” he said.
Shambeau, along with 10 other seniors, have taken at least one class through GCU or Concordia this year.
UW-Oshkosh has reached out in a way slightly different than GCU or Concordia; for the first time in KML’s history, an on-campus Statistics class was offered to students this school year. Taught by KML math teacher, Tim Keuhl, students in the class will receive college credit on top of the full math credit at KML.
Because Kettle does not offer as many AP classes other schools typically might, the dual-credit courses are “an excellent way of expanding our curriculum,” said Blythe Ratzmann, another student who took a class through Grand Canyon.
As the dual credit program evolves, both KML and its partnering colleges hope for the list of available courses to grow. Kuehl has already confirmed UW-Oshkosh will offer Calculus I-III next school year.

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