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Take the Washington County Mobility Management Survey

Washington Co., WI – The Transportation Committee of Washington County is working to improve transportation in the community. There’s a survey the program is hoping will help. It takes about six minutes to complete.

Mobility management survey


The Mobility Management Program seeks to engage in the actions needed to make a positive change in the present day and future of transportation for Washington County’s at-risk populations.

In alignment with recommendations in SEWRPC’s Public Transit Human Services Transportation Coordination Plan for Washington County, the Mobility Management Program coordinates efforts of communication, information-sharing, and planning to most effectively use transportation services to meet the needs of seniors, adults with disabilities and people with low incomes, and brings innovative new practices to the community.

The Mobility Manager assists at-risk populations to overcome transportation barriers by empowering individuals with information to use public transit and specialized transportation, increasing collaboration between transportation providers in order to provide more comprehensive service, and engaging seniors, adults with disabilities and people with low incomes as advocates in the effort to improve transportation.

Click HERE to take the survey.

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