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Thank God, Luc is home! | By Fay Olla

June 19, 2019 – Kewaskum, WI – The Olla family of Kewaskum has been posting updates following an accident at the end of May involving five of their boys. Three of the brothers in the accident have been released from the hospital and Luciano is making strides toward recovery. Below is an update from Fay Olla

Olla family

New up date:

“Real world” time doesn’t seem to exist inside the hospital walls— days seem like months, weeks seem like years— but I do know that it has been 20 days since the car accident— around 14 days since the ICU—about 6 days since the feeding tube came out— something like 5 days since he took a few steps— a couple of days since he played the game Sorry— and 10 hours since Luc arrived home.
With the help of an incredible team at the hospital— making phone calls and lining up all the details, Luciano is being allowed to finish his healing and recovery at home— where his brothers and sisters are— where his heart is.
From the moment Luc started waking up he has not stopped scheming to get home. It has been the one thing on his mind.
He will continue therapies and the weaning from meds at home. As soon as the car pulled into our driveway he was all hugs and kisses with everyone. It was a bittersweet homecoming for Tony and I— being able to bring Luc home is a miracle— but feeling the absence of Val’s presence is so painful at the same time.
Luc’s brain is still confused and disoriented— he doesn’t really know about the loss of his brother yet.
He does wonder where he is but still doesn’t fully understand that he was in the hospital and why. There is one thing he does know for sure— that he is home!
The nurses, therapists, and doctors are truly amazed at his progress and we are continually surprised by the improvements we see everyday! After Being home for only a few hours—we can already see less agitation and more peace shining from Luc.
He couldn’t wait to watch Vanni’s soccer try outs tonight, say hello to his coaches, and sleep with all his brothers in his bedroom.
We are so very thankful for all of your continual prayers and support.
On Saturday, June 1 the Olla’s announced the passing of their 15-year-old son Valentin. The family said his organs were donated so others may live.

Click HERE to help the Olla family during this trying time.

Photos courtesy the Olla family.


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