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Time to order honey bees

Feb. 17, 2019 – West Bend, WI – If this doesn’t give you a shot of summer. The sign at Mills Fleet Farm on Highway 33 in West Bend reads, “Now accepting honey bee orders.”  It looks rather facinating. Has anybody ever tried it?

honey bees from Fleet Farm


It looks like the bees will come via U.S. Postal in May. There’s a note to “warn your postmaster of the impending shipment.”

If it’s not going to creep you out too much watch the video below about how the bees arrive in an envelope.  Has anybody done this locally?

I will have to review the ordinance in West Bend but good grief we just allowed chickens so for sure bees would be ok. Right?  Stay tuned.

(PS – is this like ordering seeds for your garden in February…. or is it still too early?)

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