Traffic signals being installed on W. Washington Street near new Fleet Farm

May 3, 2019 – West Bend, WI – Motorists headed west on Highway 33 may want to watch for orange barrels just past Scenic Drive/Villa Park Drive as We Energies crews are on location to install new traffic signals at the intersection of  STH 33 and Shepherds Drive. The barrels limit travel to one lane in each direction. The orange barrels for eastbound traffic start by Riesch Road.

Traffic signals being installed on W. Washington Street

We Energies crews installing traffic signals

Details on the installation of the signals were released in a one-page letter sent to area businesses. The photos outlined the plans, which also include median modifications and closure of a median.

New traffic lights on Shepherds Drive by Fleet Farm

Construction on the new 192,000-square-foot Fleet Farm began Nov. 12, 2018. Motorists can see development is well underway just south of Highway 33 and just east of CTH Z.


The new Fleet Farm is expected to open September 2019.

Calls have been placed to the city engineer to see whether the traffic signals will be activated before the new Fleet Farm opens in an effort to build habit and familiarity on that stretch of road.

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