VIDEO | The guy is a turtle wrangler

June 6, 2021 – Washington Co., WI – You can be right in the middle of an awesome story and not even know it. That happened this past week when Ron jumped out of his hotrod on Paradise Drive in the Town of Trenton and helped wrangle a monster algae-covered snapping turtle.

Ron turtle

There was dodging and weaving and channeling his inner Steve Irwin.

This did not appear to be Ron’s first rodeo. And although saved from oncoming traffic… the snapper was happy, not at all.

Turtle snapper Ron

It was the first rescue of the season. There was actually another painted turtle, about the size of a ham sandwich, just up the road on Paradise Drive just east of Oak Road.

turtle algae trifecta

Maybe he’s totally got this all figured out but I lent a hand to get him to some form of safety.

box turtle

Motorists in Washington County are being reminded to stay alert.

The Washington County Parks Department said turtles are “searching for nesting sites” and “if you see them on the roads safely transport them to the side in the direction they were heading.”


Click HERE to report turtle crossings and mortalities on the road.


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