VIDEO | American Companies celebrates 40th anniversary by supporting organizations in West Bend and Washington County


March 24, 2020 – West Bend, WI – American Companies in West Bend is celebrating its 40th year in business in 2020 and company president Kraig Sadownikow was looking for a way to celebrate.

After mulling over a number of ideas, Sadownikow took a cue from the current uncertainty across the country and the community.

“The best way to celebrate ourselves is to celebrate West Bend and Washington County, focusing on others,” he said.  “The people here are what makes us strong and how we’ve been able to thrive for 40 years.  We are excited and  humbled to announce our “40 for 4 and 40 for 40” celebration.  We will be sponsoring 40 meals each for four Washington County non-profits from four Washington County restaurants and tip the service staff 40% to celebrate 40 years.”

Sadownikow said the leadership team at American Companies “decided to stand up, get involved and in our small way shed light and some hope on two segments of our community hardest hit by the current situation: non-profits and the hospitality businesses.”

The first celebration happened at 11 a.m. Tuesday as 40 meals were dropped off at Friends, Inc., a women’s shelter, in West Bend.

“We were founded by my father who immigrated from Serbia with his sister, mother and grandmother traveling through post WWII Europe.  Fortunately they were sponsored to the US by a family from Kewaskum,” said Sadownikow.  “He moved to the USA when he was 8 and grew up in Kewaskum, founding our company in 1980.  My father, Kons, and his family overcame some scary, uncertain times.  A similar uncertainty is being felt today.”

“Our leadership team decided to celebrate by focusing on West Bend and Washington County. As Americans we’re determined to stand up, stay strong, stay healthy and beat this Chinese virus as good Americans would,” Sadownikow said.

Katie Nickel from Friends, Inc. said, “This donation is much, much appreciated. We have limited space and staff but we’re doing plenty to support the survivors.”

The Norbert and Poplar Inn in West Bend helped prepare the meals.

The second delivery occurred at Karl’s Place, 450 E. Water Street, in West Bend as the owner and staff from Culaccino Bar + Italian Kitchen donated meals to the homeless.

“For maybe the first time in a generation we can honestly say we are all in this together.  At this moment in time that’s not just a cliché, we really are,” said Sadownikow.  “We are all nervous and uncertain, we all have questions and trepidation as to what the future holds. As Americans we are strong, creative, relentless and optimistic.  We are done being scared and are now motivated to do our part to get our communities and economy healthy, to get back to work and look back at these weeks knowing we fought and won.”

“Thank you to West Bend and Washington County for supporting us for 40 years.”

American Companies is back on the road Wednesday meeting at Perc Place, 43 N Main St, Hartford where 40 meals will be delivered to 40 people identified as needing support by the Medical Center Foundation of Hartford.

Thursday, Jodi at the Precinct Tap & Table, W161 N11629 Church St, in Germantown will be making 40 meals that will be delivered to seniors in the Germantown area through Interfaith Caregivers.

Stay tuned!

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