VIDEO | Bonus contest on 99 pack of Pabst raffle at Jeff’s Spirits on Main in West Bend

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West Bend, WI – Jeff’s Spirits on Main, 821 S Main St., in West Bend is selling $10 raffle tickets to win a 99 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon. All proceeds from the raffle will benefit the Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial in Kewaskum. However, liquor store owner Jeff Szukalski is looking to sweeten the pot.

Jeff is offering another prize to the person who can guess the weight of the 99 pack of Pabst.

All guesses must be submitted on by February 1.  The winning guess will be announced at the 2 p.m. drawing for the 99 pack of Pabst.

To get you in the mood… here’s another ole time Pabst commercial. When people dressed up to go out and drink PBR.

Be sure to submit your guess below at on how much the 99 pack of Pabst weighs.

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