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VIDEO | Deer management plan in West Bend trimmed to one park

Jan. 3, 2018 – West Bend, WI – The Deer Management Committee voted Wednesday night to cull the deer population in West Bend at just one park this year instead of two during its pilot program.

The decision was made after only five hunters managed perfect scores during the testing process. The city had hoped to recruit nine hunters for the effort and those would then be split into two groups.

Initially the hunt was going to happen at Ridge Run Park and Lac Lawrann Conservancy. After some discussion a vote was taken to only allow bow hunters during a 5-day period at Lac Lawrann.

The park will be closed to the public Jan. 10 – 14. Bow hunters will be able to keep only one deer; the others will be donated to the local food pantries and processing will be covered by the DNR.

Hunters Jeff Bach and Brad Zuba said they had been scouting the area and determined there are plenty of deer at Lac Lawrann Conservancy off Schmidt Road.

There were some other points of discussing during the meeting:

-Committee member Duane Ferrand made clear, “This being our pilot hunt our purpose is to manage the deer population.”

-Committee member Larry Polenske said, “If you think you can wipe out a deer herd anywhere you’re mistaken.”
-The hunters were given 8 permits each for a total of 40 deer. There was also encouragement to collaborate during the hunt.
-Ferrand pointed out that Lac Lawrann is 120 acres. “That’s a large area for two hunters and I want to make this as successful as possible.”
-Mike Jentsch with the Parks Department said, “This is not a hunt it’s a deer management program. We are using hunters to reduce the deer population.”
-Hunters will have to notify West Bend Police before going into the park and call again when they exit the park.
-“We want to make this as safe as we can make it,” said Duane Ferrand.
-Two gallon per person of bait would be allowed.
-Ferrand encouraged hunters to stay away from maintained trails and private property abutments.
– A followup meeting will be held Jan. 23, 2018 at 5:30 p.m. at West Bend City Hall.



    • Good idea Chuck. Just FYI – all hunters have to pass two tests. During the holiday/end of the year there were nine who took the test and five who passed. A perfect score on both tests is required. We’ll see how the city and the Deer Management Committee move forward. A follow-up meeting is Jan. 23.

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